Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hair Dresser Chairs

Selecting the right equipment for a hair salon can be one of the most important decisions that an owner can make. 

This is true whether it is a start-up salon or simply a renovation. At the center of this, of course, is the hair dressing chair. 

They come in a variety of styles and functions and range in price from economy to deluxe. 
An owner’s budget and salon’s style will ultimately decide the purchase.

Types of Hair Dressing Chairs

Before purchasing hair dressing chairs, an owner will need to take stock of the needs of the salon. A variety of chairs may be necessary depending on the style and services offered. These needs can include chairs for the waiting room, styling, wash basin, hair dryer, or even specialized chairs for children. Some employers also provide the hairdressers with their own chairs to help negate the long hours spent on their feet.

General Hair Dressing Chair Requirements

Whether purchasing a new or used hair dressing chair, several things need to be considered. First, the chair must be comfortable for the clients as they may spend considerable time there. Also, because the chair will be used continually throughout the day, it must be durable. There is no point in purchasing a chair, if it has to be replaced in a short period of time. Finally, the chair will need to be easy for the staff to use.

Components of a Hair Dressing Chair

A quality hair dressing chair must possess several characteristics. First, the back of the chair needs to be an appropriate height to provide client comfort yet allow the stylist easy access. Also, the base of the chair could be five-pronged, square or circular. The mobility of the chair is another critical feature for a hair salon design ; many chairs swivel and come with a hydraulic lift to allow the stylist to easily adjust the client.

Specializations for Hair Dressing Chairs

Of course, hair dressing chairs are sometimes specialized based on function and require certain other features. For example, a wash basin chair must recline and provide additional padding, because clients need to be able to lean back over the basin. Barber chairs must also be able to recline to allow the barber to shave or trim a beard. Servicing children can be challenging, so chairs for them must compensate for height and perhaps be entertaining.

New Versus Used Hair Dressing Chairs

An owner’s style and budget are the primary factors influencing the decision to purchase a new or used hair dressing chair. Purchasing a used chair may allow an owner to select higher-end models that might be otherwise unaffordable. Of course, wear and tear must be considered and would not be a factor when purchasing new. Used purchases also require a little more leg-work, because the style wanted may not be readily available. However, the savings can be well worth it.

In the end, salon owners will need to make careful decisions based on a wide-variety of factors. Budgets, styles, and the services of the salon must all be considered when choosing the right hair dressing chairs. This kind of planning and research can save an owner a lot of time and expense and prevent a lot of buyer’s remorse.

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